Monday, November 9, 2009

Mad Men Finale Wrap Up

Loved the show last night!!!

Who else thought it was hysterical that there was a calligraphed F in front of the word "Art Department" on the door of the art department. HAHAHHAHHAHA...I know I have the maturity of an eight year old. Sorry I just had to get that out of the way.
Now on to the seriousness that is Mad Men.
Matt Weiner said in his interview, I went to last week, that they usually follow the most logical outcome. I think last night was definitely that. I'm pretty sure every Mad Men forum out there had a pretty vocal majority saying Sterling and Cooper would buy back the agency with Don and Lane and hire back Joan and Sal. OK, that isn't exactly what happened, but more or less. Though I'm worried about Sal, with them holding on to the Lucky Strike account.
I didn't think we'd see Betty and Don break up last night. I really thought she'd be too proper to get a divorce. Still she isn't divorced yet. I can't believe she is just laying her life in Henry Francis' hands. She barely knows this guy. It's kind of sad Betty isn't becoming more assertive/independent. The way she looked at Henry when he told her he didn't want her to take any money from Don in the divorce, and he would take care of her. It was like she was thinking "oh goody, finally my prince in shining armor"
Still, I think Don and Betty might get back together based on the face she made when Don called to say he wouldn't fight her on the divorce. It was almost disappointment. Maybe she hoped he would fight for her, and finally show her he loved her. Or maybe it was just resignation that, he is what he is, and he is never going to show how he really feels about anything. Betty sure didn't look happy in the plane on the way to Reno. Hmmmm.. we'll have to wait till August.
I loved the final scene between Don and Peggy. Maybe those two will end up together. He so identifies with her. The whole speech about something awful happening and not being who you thought you were was fantastic! They both know so well what that is like.
It looks as though next season will be about them building the new company, and redefining all their relationships. Loved Peggy telling Sterling she wouldn't get his coffee, and Joan telling him her writing was perfectly clear when he said he couldn't read it. Don almost looked happy looking at his new little Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Pryce family.
Oh my god, I could go on and on but I don't want this to get ridiculously long.
Is it August yet???


The Glamorous Life Association said...

I love it too.

Although I found the visit to Peggy's a bit out of character. I mean if he ahs felt so bonded to her in the past why has he been such a jerk to her at the office. Weird. And I think Don and Betty will TOTALLY end up back together. ....

I love Don Draper. He makes me want to lick the TV. IS that weird?

Sevenbeads said...

I missed the calligraphy joke. In fact the whole episode went by at a clip. You had to really concentrate! My heart went out to those children at the "Daddy's going away" speech. Don generously abstained from saying that leaving was all their mother's idea, but Sally gets it. Betty must have a heart of stone to put those kids through that. Betty gives "Main Line Brats" a bad name. Regardless, at some point she'll realize that Henry Francis isn't Mr. Wonderful. Will Don take her back? He might in order to be with his children. Hurry August!

Jan said...

You know, I saw what I >thought< was a stylized F on the Art Department door just before Don kicked it open, but then I thought, "Nnnaahhh." If you saw it too, it must've been there!

I had fun trying to figure out what was behind Kinsey's "Dammit!" when he went to check Peggy's office and realized she had left too. Going to miss her? Feeling left out? Both?

Milk River Madman said...

Loved last night's show. Loved it when Roger called Pete a "little shit" for wanting to leave. Slattery had some great lines last night. I thought his "you don't value relationships" was as much about he and Don as Don and everyone else. He misses his drinking buddy and the good times.

I do not see Don with Peggy. I don't see him getty back with Betty either. I do see him with Joan. Call me Ishmail, but there is a lot of sexual tension in the room as well as ultra-respect. He won't make a play for her because of Roger and I think he truly respects her, even more than Peggy.

Am wondering how the dynamic between her and Pete will be working in such close quarters. It will be fun next season.

Great work Elise.

Anonymous said...

Betsy is going to get to Reno with Henry and see that something is not right. I think she will crawl back to Don, but I dont know if his ego will allow her back, especially now we know that other people know of Betsy's relationship with Henry. Eventually, I think they will end up back together though.

Peggy and Pete sharing a desk? Could this lead to some romantic tensions?

I think Roger and our favorite red head will heat up again too.

I think Sal will be back as well. And I bet we haven't heard the end of Connie Hilton. There is definately some room for some fun new characters--maybe some hot men to woo the women to keep the boys on their toes.

Anonymous said...

I totally missed the calligraphy! Thank goodness I still have this episode, and every other episode of season 3, saved on my DVR. Next summer cannot come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

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