Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Night at the Movies:The Suspenseful World of Thrillers

I totally forgot to tell you about this great documentary that was on TCM last Friday. It's called A Night at the Movies:The Suspenseful World of Thrillers. I really liked it. It breaks down the components of thrillers and shows you examples from all the greatest thrillers. They are showing an encore on Friday Oct 19th at 9:30, check your listings, I'm not sure if that's east or west time.
Even if you don't catch the documentary you can still watch all the thrillers every Friday night in October. I really haven't seen that many of them, The ones I know are great are The Manchurian Candidate on the 9th, The Night of the Hunter on the 23rd, and of course Psycho on the 30th. The first time I saw Psycho I was at sleep away camp and two boys and another girl and I snuck out into the woods to a partially built cabin with a little black and white TV. It was so scary. I know by todays standards it's no Saw, but it sure freaked me out, out there in those wood. Those boys knew what they were doing.
Anyway, check your listings Friday nights in October for all the movies and do try to see the documentary it really is great for the film nerd in us all.

Here's a little Psycho to get you in the mood.


Audra Crane said...

Cool- I'll definitely look for it. I haven't seen night of the Hunter in years! I remember it being super suspenceful. Is Shadow of a Doubt with Joseph Cotton on there? Creepy!!

Sarah Auerswald said...

It was a great documentary -- it made me want to see all the movies they mention!