Friday, July 10, 2009

Ray LaMontagne at The Hollywood Bowl

Ray LaMontagne with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra is playing Sunday night at The Hollywood Bowl. I really have only heard a couple of his songs but what I've heard I like. So I'm looking forward to hearing more of his music. If you could still go somewhere and buy a record (yeah yeah, I know their called CDs now, it's my generations version of calling the fridge an ice box) I would definitely pick one of his 3 up. I'm embarrassed to say that I have yet to get on itunes to do anything but download apps to my iphone. So I have only heard what I can find online. Here's a video of a song I thought was called "I Was Saved By a Women" but is titled "Trouble". I love it.

Because my mother gave me an article from the LA Times about blogging and ethics, I will state here that I was not given anything or paid to write this by anyone, though my friend Laura is taking me to the concert, but just cause she likes me.

For more info on Mr. LaMontagne go here

UPDATE: Great show last night, though I do think Mr. LaMontagne needs to cheer up, and I'm not alone, as people were yelling smile at him from the audience. The show was very somber but I enjoyed the music. I liked the open acts too.
First up was Blitzen Trapper and then Jenny Lewis both very good and in the same milieu as LaMontagne. It was kind of like being in a time warp to the 70's.

Here's Blitzen Trapper who has kind of a Dylan thing happening. Maybe it's just the harmonica. You tell me.

Here's Jenny Lewis we though she was kind of cow punk, reminded us of Natalie Merchant. Again you tell me


David said...

She is trying to sleep with you!

elise said...

Ahh..Good thing she doesn't know I'm a push over.