Friday, June 26, 2009

Louie and Keely by my Mom

I'm giving in to too much to do and bringing in some help, in the form of my mother. Oh yes I will make my mother do my home work. Since my Mom has already seen Louie and Keely I asked her to write a little blog for us about it. Because there is no way my family is going to let me out another night to see yet another show.

So here's my mom, Rea, on her evening in Westwood for dinner at The Gardens on Glendon and the show. By the way you can blame her for my theatre addiction in the first place. Also I asked my mother if she had ever seen Louie and Keely live, She said no but she saw them on the variety shows of the day quite a bit.

The Gardens on Glendon and "Louie & Keely Live at the Sahara" at the Geffen. If you go to the Gardens, be sure to have the Guacamole. They make it at the table and it is fabulous. From dinner we went on to the show. It is being performed in a small theatre at the Geffen that approximates the feel of their Lounge Act. Jake Broder (Louis) and Vanessa Clair Smith (Keely) are a real powerhouse. In addition to starring roles they co-wrote the book, produced the show and he is also the co-musical director. It is a very high-energy production with lots of memorable songs that the couple did. They both have great voices and he truly captures all of Louis' antics. Ms. Smith's voice and part were well done but she didn't quite get the dead-pan expression so often on Keely's face. Still it is well worth seeing but hurry I think it will soon be gone. It's been extended several times, already.

It's Elise again. Looks like the show runs through Aug. 2 so we may all have time to get to it. Check my previous post on the show for tickets.

Thanks Mom

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