Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Cancun! Dumb Swine Flu!!

Sadly after many months of planning we have had to abandon our trip to Cancun because of the swine flu. With a small child risky travel loses it's appeal completely. It's not like I was all that risky to start with, after 9/11 I canceled my honeymoon in Europe. I got married September 23, so in my defense it was still early days, and we weren't sure what was going on. Still I know another couple that got married the same weekend and they still went on their honeymoon.
Anyway, I digress. The trip I want to complain about canceling is this one to Cancun. At first I wanted to believe that the swine flu was just nothing, but with each day it became more and more difficult. Finally, when all those kids in New York got sick after spending spring break in Cancun, I had to admit the trip was off.
I know I should just be grateful that we are all healthy, but I really like margaritas and laying by the pool, a lot. Oddly it's like this trip was jinxed from the word go. First we were scared about all the drug/gang violence, and when we finally got comfortable with that situation, this one surfaced. It's like my twitter update said "we were never meant to be".
All of this is by way off an excuse to explain why I haven't posted in several days. I've been busy getting flight fees waved and trying to find another time share available, and co-ordinating with the other family we were going with. But now that that it is all done, you have my full attention. I'll just pretend that this Coke is a margarita and the computer desk is the pool.


yvonne said...

It is a bummer. I love that one of the ads at the bottom of the page is for airline tickets from LA to Cancun.

Anonymous said...

One of our employees was to be heading down to Cancun on a little vacation next week...thought I would see what the status was re swine flu and Cancun...saw your blog and the information regarding your cancelled trip. So sorry!

We are here in beautiful Key West - with margaritas flowing and swimming pools, sand and surf. Come on down, the waters fine! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a one year old child and we are scheduled to leave for Cancun because I'm the maid of honor. With all the talk of swine flu, I can't help but question if this would be safe for my child. I can't speak to the bride about my concerns because she is upset that so many people have been cancelling. What should I do?

Elise Crane Derby said...

Thanks for the invite to Key West, I'll be right over.

For the wedding--I gotta say I wouldn't take a one year old there now. I know at my wedding (right after 9/11) I told any guests that were flying in I undersdtood if they chose not to come. It's a disappointment but people have to feel safe. What kind of time are you going to have at the wedding if you're terrified the whole time your baby might get sick. Ultimately it's up to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elise. Today I was thinking that I may actually go because in the news they say the swine flu is "letting up." But after talking to one of my family members it seems that I'm pretty much disowned. Which makes me not want to go again because they didn't respect my decision in looking out for my child. The bride to be, (my sister), says she's not mad. That's hard to believe when she doesn't return my calls. I wish my family would see this blog and other parent's views and not think that I'm being selfish for not going.

Elise Crane Derby said...

Sorry they're taking it that way. I remember the first year of my daughters life I missed a close friends wedding because it just didn't work out with a baby. She was furious. But once you have a child they have to be the first priority, or at least their safety should be. Do what you think is best for your family, once your sister has kids she'll get it.

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