Thursday, April 30, 2009


GREAT JESUS!!!! Have you seen this Disney movie "earth" I took my nearly 5 year old to see it yesterday, and I regret it. Probably 70% of the movie is just animals eating other animals, actually eating baby animals. Tigers eating baby elephants, polar bears eating baby walrus', sharks eating seals, and the piece de resistance the slow motion cheetah chasing down and catching some kind of baby gazelle it was all carnivorous all the time. I don't know what they were thinking. There was a small portion that was the beauty of nature but it was considerably out weighed by the carnage.
My daughter's comment when I asked her if it was to scary, was "no just sad".
I give "earth" two thumbs down. Don't go see it with your young children.
I can't imagine who thought this level of violence meritted a G rating.


yvonne said...

It's so Disney to market something as sweet family entertainment when it's really scary and violent. At least all of the mothers didn't die.

Anonymous said...

I did go the movie, but I knew that some scenes were taken from the Planet Earth series from the BBC, but I was amazed that it did carry a " G " rating. Definately not for youngsters however,this is life in the wild. Sometimes Bambi doesn't survive.