Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking for Lincoln

Looking for Lincoln is on PBS tonight. It's presented by Henry Louis Gates Jr. (love him). This is not just another biography on Lincoln, it gets to the truth of the man. He interviews Doris Kearne Goodwin (also love)who is a Lincoln expert. OK I'm a total dork, I have favorite historians.

Goodwin says that the real Lincoln was much bettered than the storied one. With 14,000 biographies you'd think we'd covered it, but he has been so mythologized that that truth has really been lost. Hope you take time to see this.
If you miss this, stay tuned, Steven Speilberg is working on getting a script for a film.

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Anonymous said...

I love Henry L. Gates, Jr. as well. He did a big coverage of checking your lineage back to Africa and see what country, down to possibly what village you are traced back to. He's great. I was introduced to him by the Oprah show. He traced her lineage as well. Thanks for the heads up on the show. I guess I'll have to TIVO my show LOST, tonight. : -)