Friday, January 9, 2009

George Carlin

I just watched the screenewr of the Mark Twain award for George Carlin, Which premieres Wed., Feb 4th. I love these, and if you do you'll love this one too. It has lots of comedians either telling their favorite Carline bit (stuff, Weatherman, etc..) or early encounters with him. Gary Shandling tells a story that almost brought me and him to tears. Lilly Tomlin remembers him fondly as does Joan Rivers, who I can usually do without, but actually was funny here. Denis Leary tell a great first meeting story too.

For myself, the first Carlin bit I remember is the "could be meat could be cake could be meatcake". It's not one of the big ones, he's describing meat loaf. I loved it and loved him from then on. Anyway, hopre you all get to see this and enjoy it too.

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