Thursday, January 8, 2009

PBS Press Tour photos

Here are the few photos I got yesterday. I want to blog more about all these shows. But here's the low down. From top left clockwise. First Kenneth Branagh's new show Wallander, looks great. He a Scandinavian detective with issues. Then we have Amy Sedaris who was doing her best to be amusing but the two guys she did the panel with were boring, and killed it. They were talking about a comedy retrospective called Make Em' Laugh, which is probably great. Sir Ian McKellen was lovely and funny. He was there to talk about his King Lear, but talked about a lot of other stuff too. LOVED HIM!! Finally there was a panel for the Mark Twain award's posthumous recipient George Carlin, consisting of his daughter Kelly, Richard Belzer, and Lewis Black, they were all very funny, but you couldn't help but be a little sad.
I've yet to really get a chance to go through my notes or watch the screeners for any of this so I'll try to be more detailed in future blogs.
OK my formatting is all screwy dis regard clockwise direction. I'll hope you recognize someone in each picture.

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