Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spring Awakening in LA

I went to see Spring Awakening Wednesday night, but with Thanksgiving am just getting to tell you about it. I think the music and dancing were amazing, in those respects possibly the best I've ever seen. The music was pretty rocking, not that Disney sounding singing that has been so popular the last several years. The dancing was explosive.

But I have to say I was annoyed by the story. I'll preface this by saying the play is based on a book that was written in the 1900's. But they really could have improved the female characters. There are 6 female characters, 2 of whom are really just there to move the story along and you don't know anything about. One older character who plays all the adult parts (mothers, teacher, etc..) the other 3 female characters are the worst kind of depiction of women, they are victims who do nothing to try to help themselves. The male characters make choice to navigate their lives with good and bad results but at least they make choices, the girls just let things happen to them. It's pretty pathetic. I just feel they could have written these characters with some strength.

The depiction of women has always drawn my attention, but now that I have a daughter I'm even more aware of it, and appalled by it!

It was great to see so many teens and 20 somethings at the theatre, instead of the usual blue hair crowd. The show does have some pretty sexual material including nudity. I wondered how comfortable some of the parent teen viewers were, they did seem quiet at intermission.

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