Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, after what feels like a very long break the theatre season started back up for me last night at the Ahmanson, with 9 to 5 the musical. It started off a bit uneven, but got it together after the first few numbers and then I really liked it. The book is pretty faithful to the film, much of the dialogue is taken directly from the film. I was surprised how much of it I remembered. I think the movie must have ran and reran on the Z channel about a million times when I was a kid. So I remembered lines like " I'll turn you from a rooster to a hen in one shot".

Allison Janney (who I adore), played Violet, had a great number, that she did really well. The whole cast was really great. The Mr. Hart(Marc Kudish) character had a lot of hysterical business. Both Doralee(Meagan Hilty straight from playing Glinda at the pantages) and Judy's (Stephanie Block also from wicked but the NY show)characters did several wonderful numbers. The Roz (Kathy Fitzgerald) character had two standout numbers, both done brilliantly. Dolly Parton did all the music with mostly great results.

This show only has one more week before it goes to Broadway. I recommend it, if you can get there. Saturday I'm going to a Q and A with the cast. I'll let you know if there's anything interesting to report.

With Wicked finally closing at the Pantages, I should be back to a full schedule of shows this Fall and Spring and Summer. Besides the Ahmanson and the Pantages, I also got a few ticket to shows through LA Theatre Works. No Geffen this year though. I'll post anything I think is fabulous!


Sarah Auerswald said...

So? How was the Q & A? Any great Alison Janney moments?

Elise Crane Derby said...

I wish I knew, after working all day friday and thurs. night, plus going to the show weds. I didn't have the heart to bail on my daughter another night. So I skipped it.