Thursday, October 16, 2008

Be Positive

As things get gloomier and gloomier on the economic horizon, the world around me keeps turning up with examples of the benefits of being positive. Not to get all "The Secret" on you, a book/video I have neither read nor seen. Still I keep coming up against people who are just so damn positive, maybe I should.

I like to think I'm pretty positive but I got nothing on this crowd. They walk through life expecting it all to work out and somehow it does. Maybe it's in their blood? Maybe they put out positive vibes...I have no idea. But, these people win cars, have anonymous benefactors, face the possibility of infertility with a smile and that's just to get started. They're not Polly Anna about it either, they work hard to reach their goals, but when those goals require that little bit extra the "universe" helps them out.

I don't know if you can force this or if it just has to be your natural disposition. But I'm going to give it a whirl. I will hold the thought that all things are possible and that if I truly want something there must be a way to achieve it.

I have a MySpace friend, named God, who once asked "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?". Maybe this is the secret these people know. They do seem to just go for the seemingly unattainable. How many times do we have ideas that we toss because on thinking them over we decided they are too improbable? I know I do it all the time.

So, here's to being positive, may we all reap it's benefits!!

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