Monday, January 27, 2014

TCM And The Oscar Goes To

TCM is airing an Oscar's documentary, And The Oscar Goes To, February 1st to kick off it's 31 Days of Oscar.

I was invited to the premiere last week at The Academy and it really is a great education of the Oscars from the beginning. I wish I could see all the old Oscar telecasts they show parts of. The film has interviews with many nominees and winners including Cher, George Clooney, Whoopie Goldberg, Steven Speilberg, etc..

TCM will further celebrate the Oscar all February and beyond with their 31 days of Oscar I love their new format of airing the nominees in one category for one year. It will be really interesting to see the films of one year all together and get a sense of the zeitgeist of that year.

Feb. 1: Best Picture nominees from 1939
Feb. 2: Best Picture nominees from 1945
Feb. 3: Best Costume Design, Color nominees from 1954
Feb. 4: Best Director nominees from 1932-33
Feb. 5: Best Supporting Actor nominees from 1946
Feb. 6: Best Actress nominees from 1966
Feb. 7: Best Actor nominees from 1953
Feb. 8: Best Picture nominees from 1949
Feb. 9: Best Picture nominees from 1936
Feb. 10: Best Original Screenplay nominees from 1940
Feb. 11: Best Adapted Screenplay nominees from 1956
Feb. 12: Best Supporting Actress nominees from 1963
Feb. 13: Best Actress nominees from 1942
Feb. 14: Best Actor nominees from 1955
Feb. 15: Best Picture nominees from 1929-30
Feb. 16: Best Picture nominees from 1951
Feb. 17: Best Scoring of Music – Adaptation or Treatment nominees from 1962
Feb. 18: Best Film Editing nominees from 1959
Feb. 19: Best Supporting Actor nominees from 1937
Feb. 20: Best Actress nominees from 1934
Feb. 21: Best Actor nominees from 1944
Feb. 22: Best Picture nominees from 1948
Feb. 23: Best Picture nominees from 1938
Feb. 24: Best B/W Art Direction – Set Decoration nominees from 1965
Feb. 25: Best Cinematography, Black-and-White nominees from 1947
Feb. 26: Best Actress nominees from 1931-32
Feb. 27: Best Actor nominees from 1943
March 1: Best Picture nominees from 1967
March 2: Best Picture nominees from 1935
March 3: Best Special Effects nominees from 1958

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You can see lots of hours of Academy Awards shows here:
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