Thursday, November 21, 2013

Warner Brothers Tour

Harry Potter Costumes

I begged my way into a free tour of the amazing Warner Brothers lot last week. This studio really puts a lot of effort into creating a broad range of experiences into their tour. This year marks their 90th anniversary and they're really kicking it into high gear.
Dusenberg used in The Great Gatsby

Warner Brothers is starting an end of the week contest where guests use the hashtag #wbfotofriday when they post their favorite pictures of the tour on Twitter, and then Warner Brothers picks their favorite to post on Fridays.

Jack Lemon bust from the prop department

For the month of November they are providing tours in French on Mondays and Wednesday at 3:45! Spanish tours run Monday-Friday at 12:15 PM and 3:15 PM.

My Fair Lady Costumes

There will also be free guest speakers from time to time. Check the Warner Brothers Website for details as they develop.

A portrait of Humphrey Bogart for his last film, that was never made

There are two types of tours. The VIP tour which is two hours and the deluxe tour that is 5 hours and takes you to the commissary for lunch. While you might think two hours is enough, you'd be wrong. There is so much to see and trying to squeeze it all in to two hour is impossible. I highly recommend the deluxe tour, and if they ever make a ten hour tour I'll recommend that one. Another great perk of the deluxe tour is eating in the commissary. It's great for star gazing.

Jazz singer script
 If you only have one day to tour a studio in LA, Warner Brothers is the place to go. You see it all from backlot sets to props, they even have a museum with an entire floor devoted to Harry Potter. You can get put in a house at Hogwarts by the actual sorting hat. The museum also has a variety of movie memorabilia from early film up to today. When I was there they had the script pictured above from the first "talkie", The Jazz Singer, all the way through the recent Great Gatsby film.

Back Lot

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