Monday, April 29, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 5 The Flood Wrap Up

Episode 5 The Flood brings us to April 1968 and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. America is hitting a point of cataclysmic change. Bobby Kennedy will be killed in just two more month. Change has been coming slowly but now there is no more dragging your feet, everyone is going to change in relation to it. As Megan's father says "...the escalation of decay".

This show opens with Peggy looking at an apartment on the Eastside. She's making lots of money and coming up in the world. Abe is along for the ride, but without being  financially involved, he feels he has no say. When Peggy finally asks his opinion he says he'd rather they raise their kids in a more diverse neighborhood. I think all Peggy hears is he wants to have kids with her and she is happy to live wherever that is going to happen, apparently. Also if Abe keeps writing political peices for the NY times he's coming into the best time to be anewspaper reporter.

We get some real time with Bobby this episode. He seems to be disturbed by the misalignment of the wallpaper in his room. I'm not sure if this is some OCD showing itself or just a metaphor for him seeing that things aren't right in his home and his wanting to see what's beneath it.  Henry looks to be heading to the senate, and Betty pulls out an old dress from her thin blond days. I think we may be seeing that incarnation again soon.

Ginsberg set up on a date was a surprise, but not as big a surprise as his announcing he's a virgin. I know his social skills are not what they should be but hopefully this girl will resurface as a girlfriend for him. His father brings us the speech about The Flood and the animals being gathered in twos. Saying who are you going to go with your father?

There were lots of new characters this episode. Jim Cutler, who Peggey discribes as Roger Sterling with bad breathe. With the way he leers at Megan looks like he wants to park in Don's garage too. We also meet Roger's loopy insurance friend Randy Walsh. I get the feeling these two have been having some acid  sessions together. I think Randy may have taken one tab to many...

Finally Don reveals his feelings about his children to Megan. From all the flashbacks over the years we have learned that Don has never experienced love as a child and after last week, his adolescence in a whore house probably didn't teach him any healthy lessons about adult love, either. He really has no idea how he is suppose to feel, and has just been faking it. But when the real feeling comes over him it overwhelms him. He really is the saddest character.

This and That:
Roger to Randy - I think the emotions of the day and whatever else you have in your system
Abe going to Harlem in a tux to cover the MLK assassination
Pete and Harry arguing who is the worse human being
Ernest Borgnine on Mchales Navy
Planet of the Apes
Megan telling Don he drinks like her father believes in Marx
Hope we hear next week if Silvia and Arnold make it home safe from DC
Tecumseh quote in the original Shawnee

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