Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Safaris At Lion Sands #SafariSA

 I really can't put into words how amazing the safaris here in South Africa at Lion Sands have been. I've seen so many  amazing animals in their natural habitats. Sometimes it's been a little scary, when lions are walking right next to the truck and you're sitting on the outside. Your heart catches in your throat and you hold your breath, but he just keeps walking by. Other times the animals are doing the cutest things and you can't help but baby talk to them or say Aww.

The one thing I hadn't anticipated before coming was the dead animals. It's the circle of life out here and you do see a bit of it. It's sad but then it is how nature works.

Below are examples of all of these moments. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Cape Buffalo drinking from the river in front of our room.
 Hippo hitting the beach for a little tanning time.
Leopard heading up a tree with her porcupine dinner. Sounds a bit prickly but she was happy to have it.
 Tiny little chameleon our guide spotted while driving home one night.
 Leopard just hanging out
Hippo chilling in the water hole, where he likes to spend his days.
 Lion cleaning up after dinner, he swiped a whole giraffe off two younger lions. One look at his claws and you can see why they ran.
 The two younger lions who lost their giraffe. Don't feel two bad for them, they had it for a day or two.
 Vulture getting a little giraffe snack when the lion wasn't looking.
Pretty sure this is water buck. I get my antelopes confused.
 Nyala, I think. See above,
 Wart Hog, unmistakable  Their babies are super cute, in a so ugly you're cute kind of way.
 This giraffe has a curvature in his neck. I made him look like he was sassing us everytime we say him. "yeah, what are you looking at" I imagined him saying.

Leopard hanging on a log. It's a little nerve racking sitting in the truck below one of these guys, wondering if he's going to decide to jump down. 

Short of Robert Redford coming and washing my hair, I really can't think of a thing that could have made this trip any better. I will definitely come back at my earliest convenience.

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Audra Crane said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Can't wait to see you guys! Loved the hair washing reference too!!!