Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun Control

I encourage all of you to contact the NRA, your congress person, and your senator and demand that they legislate gun control to stop all this senseless violence.

Email them today. I know people say it is disrespectful to talk about it today. But what is more disrespectful is letting this happen again. If these children had to die, let it be for a reason. Let it be the last tragic shooting or at least the one that changed our laws forever.

Today we lost 20 children, because we have not done anything to stop these shootings.

We need better screening on gun purchasers and we need to out law these guns that can shoot so many bullets so quickly. Further, we as a country need to do something more about caring for our mentally ill.

Columbine was almost 15 years ago and it is shameful that almost nothing has changed in our gun control laws in that time.

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Anonymous said...

More importantly, we need to stop doctors giving out drugs since more people die of misdiagnoses from a MD every year than die of guns shots in the US.

Don't be such a stupid mindless reactionary....we don’t live in the nanny state just yet…

Guns don't kill people, bad people kill people....if the fool didn't have a gun, he would have used something else like a machete or just burned the place down....

That’s what OJ did….