Friday, August 31, 2012

LA County Fair Food

September is almost here and that means that the Los Angeles County Fair is coming.  Travelling amusement park rides with my daughter.  Shopping for gadgets with deals that beat the infomercials.  Cows, goats, chickens and piggies.  And the food.  

A friend and I were invited to preview some of the food that will be available at the Fair this year. 
Chicken Charlie.  Large pictures drew us in, of bacon wrapped Dodger dogs, a chicken sandwich made with crispy crème donuts, and deep fried frogs legs.  We split a Dodger dog that was battered and fried and placed in a bun.  It was a perfect beginning to our Fair food experience.  Later we tried their pineapple shrimp, which had extremely delicious shrimp, salty rice, and pineapple chunks served in a hollowed out pineapple half.  My favorite of the night.  Their deep fried cookie dough balls served with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar, were very delicious.

Tasti Chips.  Serves freshly fried potato chips (gluten free) and onion rings.  We loved the onion rings, which had the perfect amount of batter and were fried to perfection. 

Harold & Belle’s to Geaux serves “Fine Creole Food”, and we both devoured small bowls of their crawfish etouffee, with a large ratio of crawfish tails in a rich sauce served with rice.  Delicious.  They have a restraunt near the corner of Jefferson and Crenshaw, and I look forward to making a visit.

Pink’s. We were treated to the Daytona Dog. Ketchup, spicy mustard, onions, jalapenos, and GUACAMOLE!.  Their hot dogs are always good, and this guacamole dog is worth a try (the Pink’s chili cheese dog is still my favorite).

10-pound Buns.  A large thick slice of their sourdough bread loaded with cheese and a choice of toppings.  This stand has been a favorite of mine for several years now.

Big Kona Hula Shaved Ice.  My friend had a banana, rootbeer and condensed milk shave ice.  He said it was delicious, and it sure looked good.

We each had a low calorie beer (Michelob Ultra) from Skinny Girl Bar and Food.  Shared a Blooming Onion.  Had funnel cakes and soft serve ice cream.

The L.A. County Fair starts Friday 8/31/12.  Go for the food!

This post is the first By Mr. Elise's Ramblings, John Derby. He is a fair expert, who goes every year and even took me there on one of our first dates. What can we say it's a family tradition!

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