Friday, March 9, 2012

Friends With Kids Opens March 9th

Friends with Kids opens March 9th and basically stars the cast from Bridesmaid plus a few bonus'. Remember the plan you had in your late 20's with a platonic friend to have kids if neither of you met anyone. Well this movie is about two people who take that plan to the next level.

It is somewhat formulaic, but incredibly moving at the same time. It will hit a lot of married people where they live and scare the crap out of the singles. But in the end you will be confident in whatever choice you've made in the spouse department because somehow this film validates them all.

 Friends with Kids is Jennifer Westfeldt's  directorial debut. You may remember her from the film Kissing Jessica Stein (a personal favorite of mine) or the TV series Tales From The Underbelly. She really must be applauded for this scripts fluidity and emotional gamut as well as dead on authenticity. Her direction must have been great too because I was completely absorbed by the entire film.

This is a definite winner!

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