Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wikets Review Site

For the last week or so I've been working with a new iPhone review app called Wikets. To put it in movie parlance it's like Facebook and Yelp put together, but cooler.

Here's the run down. you and your friends review places, products, and enter bar codes on Wikets and optionally post them to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. once you've friended someone you can share your reviews. For example if we were friends you could go to my Wikets reviews of places and see all the pastrami sandwich places I recommend. Which you should do, by the way. You can also ask for reviews on a particular item you are interested in, should that be something other than pastrami.

If all that weren't enough you earn points for all your reviews that can later be exchanged for online merchant gift cards. 100 points equal $1.

Why I think this is so great is that you get reviews of places and things from your friends who presumably you can trust. Rather then the too often owner augmented reviews on some other more anonymous review sites. Also How many times do you sit around trying to figure out where to go out to dinner. Now you can go to a knowledgeable friends page and look at all their restaurants and you're done. I think I'm hungry with all these food examples.

If you're interested in getting the App you can use the Promo code EliseCD.

See you on Wikets!

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