Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving, Paul Simon, SNL, Turkey, Still Crazy

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I wanted to share my favorite clip of Paul Simon on SNL dressed as a turkey singing Still Crazy After All These Years. It's great. It's hysterical. But it is not available online????

That's right every lead led to a note that said this video has expired or nor longer exists or was removed by the owner.

Annoying yes. But in my frustration I did find the intro into the song which is also quite funny. It features George Harrison, Chevy Chase, and of course Lorne Micheals..

So let's all be thankful for the vastness of the web. Hopefully, someday it will also have Paul Simon in a turkey suit.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Vicky W said...

Haha, I just had the same problem as you: I wanted to post the video for Thanksgiving and couldn't find it anywhere! But the intro is great. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Considering this was one of the greatest moments in American television, it is a downright injustice it is not in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

I was looking around for the same thing earlier tonight. Lo and behold it was out there!