Monday, November 21, 2011

PlayStation 3: Movie Mecca

Last week PlayStation invited a group of bloggers up to their head quarters in Foster city. I was grateful and over joyed to be included. They also gifted each of us a PS3.

Now of course we all know that the PS3 is an amazing gaming systems with the best graphic and sound, but what I love about it is the movie capabilities. I know surprise surprise.

First you can use your PS3 to play blu rays, which really are the next best thing to virtual reality. Then there are all the streaming choices. If you, like me have used other system to stream Netflix, you know the result can be disappointing. The quality really is about the same as bunny ears. The PS3 however has much higher quality, that to me seems on par with playing the movie on DVD if not blu ray.

Streaming choices include Vudu, Hulu, Netflix, not to mention all the films available through the Sony Network.

I haven't even gone into all the music capabilities the system has, but I can only wrestle the controllers away from my daughter and husband so often. Stay tuned for more on that.

Here we all are (AKA PS Family) with Jack Tretton PlayStation CEO

In alphabetical order, for fairness....

Ana Picazo, Amy Heinz, Beth Blecherman, Christy Matte, Elise Crane Derby, Gina von Esmarch, Glennia Campbell, Grace Duffy , Jennifer Wagner, Kris Cain, Lori Cunningham, Michele McGraw, MJ Tam, Sarah Auerswald, Stacy Libby, Yvonne Condes

Not Pictured
Heidi Leder, Leticia Barr

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