Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Muppet Movie at El Capitan

For the holidays the historic El Capitan theatre in Hollywood will have Kermit and Miss Piggy appear live onstage before each screening on The Muppet Movie. They will lead El Capitan guests in a Holiday Sing-A-Long presented by Kodak, with all guests receiving a free Jingle–bell Bracelet to help them join in the fun! Miss Piggy will even have her couture wardrobe collection from the film on display after the movie, including her designer Zac Posen gown and her peep-toed Christian Louboutin pumps.

So be sure to catch it November 23, 2011 through January 8, 2012. If you're not in LA check your town maybe they're coming to your town too. Hope so!

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