Saturday, August 20, 2011

D23 Disney's Fan Club

D23 Expo is happening this weekend in Anaheim. If you attend you will see all things Disney. You may ask yourself how much Disney stuff is there? The answer is A LOT. There's the parks of course, then movies, toys, video games, vacation resorts, housewares, TV,fashion, and so much more.
I spent a day touring around the expo and it is amazing, but a few weeks ago I met with some of the people who run the Disney Fan Club D23 and they are so much more than the expo. They have many spectacular events throughout the country all year round. If you're a Disney fan (read fanatic) it would be well worth it for you to join.
If you join there's a beautiful magazine, discounts for Disney events and resorts, and special events. You can get access to screenings, and tours of the studio and parks. You really will be thrilled with all the special treatment.

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