Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ABC This Fall

I just got access to two of the new shows for ABC this fall, Charlie's Angels and Once Upon A Time.
The Charlie's Angels remake looks pretty good. It has a diverse cast and as always plenty of storylines and funny costume possibilities.
I'm not sure what Once Upon A Time is about but it has something to do with fairytale characters being taken out of their stories??? Not to mention one Ginnifer Goodwin from Big Love. Could be good.

Check Out these videos and let me know what you think

Once Upon a Time

Charlie's Angels


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time looks like it could be really interesting or a total train wreck. I'm not quite seeing how to spin this concept out into a series though. It seems more like a film. I love Robert Carlyle, so I'll definitely watch it to see him. Thanks for the link. A

Anonymous said...

Between the two previews...I got to go with Once Upon a Time. Although it may only survive a season or two?? Not interested in CA at all!