Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mad Men Season 5 Late Start

Looks like Mad Men won't be back until 2012, and possibly without Matt Weiner, which would be no Mad Men at all. All the likely suspects are reporting that AMC has said they will go forward with Season 5 with or without Weiner, but with the late start not until early 2012.

Apparently what's holding up the works is AMC's wish to cut the show length so they can add commercials, and cut two actors to cut the budget. As much as I hate the idea of no Mad Men, I see why Matt Weiner won't agree.

Everyone cross your fingers that they come to agreement soon. Otherwise we may be greeted with a show that is unrecognizable. In the wrong hands our Mad Men would go from brilliant to sappy soap opera in nothing flat.

Someone might want to remind AMC of the old saying "You leave the party with the guy that brought you." Or something like that, anyway the essence is Mad Men brought AMC to the fore and they shouldn't ditch them for a bunch of zombies.

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