Friday, January 7, 2011


This week is the Television Critics Association convention. This is a two week series of panels present by almost all the TV and Cable Network to all the critics. Unfortunately, I still have not been excepted as a member, though I keep trying. I still get to attend though because of my relationship with many of the networks. Yesterday was my first day at the convention, as a guest of the Discovery network.
They had a lot of great shows on all their channels. The high lights for me were.

Idiot Abroad-Science ChannelRicky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and funniest of all Karl Pilkington. The premise is that Karl, who is not a very worldly guy, travels the world. Based on the satalite interview we watched with these three, the show is a must watch. I would warn you not to try to drink anything during this program unless you enjoy blowing beverages through your nose.

Gold Rush: Alaska-Discovery ChannelThis is my husband's favorite new show. the premise is a group of men, some family some just friends, mortgage themselves to the eyeballs and go to Alaska to mine for gold. It's an amazing and dangerous adventure.

The Injustice Files-Investigation DiscoveryThis show seeks to solve crimes that occured during the civil rights era. It seems like a very emotional show, not just another Cold Case. Not only is it cathartic for the families involved but educational about a shameful time in our countries history.

Finally, the grand finale of the day was Oprah's OWN network. I don't know if you've been watching, but I've been glued to OWN since it's launch New Years day. Here are my favorites thus far.

Master Class-
I loved these first two Master Class episodes with Jay Z and Diane Sawyer. They are fascinating looks into the mind set and life of it's subjects.

Miracle Detectives-
I think this show is something everyone will enjoy. It's exactly what it sounds like two detectives investigate miracles around the country. One believes in miracles emfatically, while the other is a scientist, who doesn't believe a bit of it.

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