Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michael Feinstein The Great American Songbook

Michael Feinstein's The Great American Songbook started last night on PBS. This is a great show, first because of the music, but secondly because of Michael's adventures in rescuing music from all manner of peril. I think he may have a little hording in him, but in the tidiest of ways. Regardless I'm grateful to him for saving all of the recordings and orchestrations of these great songs.
I know there is a group of people who are very conscious of keeping classical music alive. Michael's definitely ahead of that curve. I'm glad to know my great grandchildren will be able to hear Accentuate The Positive, or We're in the Money, or any of those songs that my husband wonders how I can recognize in the first few notes and know all the words.
You can catch the next two episodes Wednesdays on your PBS channel.

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