Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mad Men Season 4 finale

Mad Men Season 4 finale wrapped up a lot of loose ends from this season. I was so disappointed in Don. After everything he went through this year, he's back to square one. He could have built a real relationship with Faye but instead he's in love with Megan. By "in love" I think he means completely unchallenged. Megan doesn't even know about Dick. I will give her, she's great with the kids. But you can't base a relationship on not flipping out when the kids spill their drinks.
I loved Ken trying to explain to Roger, Pete and Don that his relationship with his wife was more important to him than any client. They all looked at him like he was from another planet. You won't find him marrying his 25 year old secretary.
I know I'm the only person in the world who doesn't think Glen is creepy, but I thought he was so sweet saying goodbye to Sally. He really has been supporting her through the remarriage. His advice may not be great but at least he tries.
Betty continues her long streak of crappy parenting by firing Carla. She really can be such a child. I can't believe she wouldn't give her a letter of recommendation. I'd like to think she would reconsider and hire her back. But we all know that's not happening. Maybe Don and Megan will...
Henry's definitely over the honeymoon. Truer words were never spoke than Henry telling Betty "there is no fresh start". Too bad Don wasn't in the room to get the message.
The scene of Peggy and Joan commiserating was fabulous. The contempt they have for these "men" is palpable. Peggy seems truly disappointed that Don would marry his secretary.
Speaking of Joan, we have our answer to did she or didn't she. You could see in the scene where Pryce gives her the title only promotion that she was showing. All of which was confirmed by her phone call with her husband. I was just waiting for his tent to explode. I can't wait for the look on Rogers face when she makes the announcement.
Finally, how about Betty waiting for Don at the house. Was she thinking she could get back with him. When she gives him the key to the house and they each walk out a different door it felt so final. Nothing left but a bottle of Canadian and a juice cup.
Our closing scene is of Don looking out the window to the future. Which is 9 months away for all of us. If Weiner holds to form episode 1 of Season 5 will have Don and Megan married and Joan's baby born. 270 days and counting, see you there.

Great lines:
Roger to Don after the engagement announcement "See this is the way to behave" When someone marries their secretary.
Roger after the American Heart Institute pitch "Did you get Cancer?" you know he'd been waiting to say that.

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