Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mad men Season 4 Episode 5

Mad Men Episode 5, The Chrysanthemum and The Sword, was a relief. Don seems to have finally sobered up. I thought he might after the closing scene last week, where the neighbors wife can't even talk about a fruit purchase in public. It looks like Don is ready to open up from this weeks scene with Dr. Fay. I know everyone has been waiting for Don and her to get together, and now that Don is showing her his real feelings they just might.
The whole thing with the Honda account was classic Mad Men. I love watching Don work. The book The Chrysanthemum and The Sword's main contribution was pointing out the difference between guilt versus shame societies. I can't decide which Don is from, probably both. Roger seems to be living in both worlds too. Guilty to work with the Japanese after his experiences in the pacific in WWII, and shame that he can't pull the big clients in.
Sally is really struggling. Thank god Henry Francis is the best stepfather in history. Hopefully, Don will make a meeting with the psychologist and learn to at least be a passably present father. Did anyone else recognize the shrink from True Blood. I swear they have an exchange program between these two shows. She's the third actor to do both shows by my count.
Speaking of which, it was good to see Bethanny again. Don needed to have someone presentable to take to Benihana. Three dates in five months does not bode well for Bethanny. She's the opposite of a booty call, she's a respectability call.
They did slip in a call to California, which Miss Blankenship tell us no one answered. I think Anna's death is imminent and will be the final straw for Don. Once she is gone Don will have to reconcile Don and Dick. I picture Don ultimately becoming, if not totally open, at least significantly less secretive.
I feel like the second half of the sixties was about letting go of the expectations and being who you really were. We're seeing it with Peggy and I think we will see it with the rest of the cast, to varying degrees the rest of this season.


Anonymous said...

interesting comments. I can't wait to see the episode.
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Anonymous said...

No, I haven't been waiting for Don to get together with Dr. Faye at all. In fact I don't like her character much either. I don't want to see Don get involved with another woman at the office because I think it would just be overkill and boring. So, I think the Dr. Faye character is dead weight and needs to be removed.

Anonymous said...

I agree...ney to Don and Dr. Faye..

Adguy said...

Re: Doctor Faye and Don. Don't be too hasty. Faye is the anti-Betty. Like Don, she is an expert at her profession, smart - and a bit mysterious. Don's attention to women has been mostly directed towards simpler beings. His willingness to open up to her over sake was very telling, in my opinion. Yes, he wants easy conquests, but don't forget those slaps - perhaps he longs for someone that he can't dominate?

Anonymous said...

Best line by a reviewer that I've read: "She's the opposite of a booty call; she's a respectability call."

Elise said...

I think Dr Fay would be good for Don. But time will tell.

Thanks for the best line comment. I think Don only takes out Bethanny to things he needs a "Betty" for.