Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mad Men "The Good New" S4 E3

Mad Men's third episode, left me wondering what the good news was the episode was named for. Perhaps it was the improved bed side manner of Joan's gynecologist. Or maybe that Joan's two abortions haven't affected her fertility. My new theory on Joan is that she has completely recreated herself too. She and Don may have more in common than we know.
Joan showed her hand, no pun intended, when her husband wanted to fix her hand. It was obvious she didn't trust his ability. Joan's getting a little sloppy all the way around. The whole fried chicken thing with Lane was not up to her standards. Then the complete flip out about the flowers, seemed unlike her.
Speaking of Lane, he really knows how to cut loose. The scene of him in the steakhouse was hysterical. "Look at me. I've got a big Texas belt buckle. That and the $25 whores equals the Americanization of Lane Pryce. Don and Lane's night out was pretty funny from beginning to end. The Godzilla movie was really unexpected.
It was good to see Anna, though you could tell from the moment Don entered the house things were coming apart for her. The leaking ceiling and the broken leg. Cancer was a forgone conclusion. She has been Don's moral compass, once she's gone god only knows what will become of him.
I was disappointed that Don didn't do the hard thing and tell Anna the bad news and stay to help her. Of course, I was disappointed that he hit on the teenager too, before she told him Anna was dying. Anytime Don gets in the car with young people it comes out badly. You would think he would have taken the hint the time he got mugged.
Basically, the good news is that the company actually had a good year, but all the employees lives are coming apart at the seams. Don obviously, but Lane is headed for divorce, and Joan's marriage is on hold at best, a facade at worst.
On a lighter note, looks like Lane will be needing a new secretary. Maybe we'll get to see Hildy or, please please please, Lois in the halls of SCDP.

Does anyone know whose stand up routine that was in the comedy club? It sounded so familiar. "We know you're practicing self abuse. Come out with your hand up." Is it Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, who is that???? Also what happened at the 1963 Time Square New Years. Allison alludes to it at the beginning of the episode, but I have no idea.

Next Week: Based on the scenes from next week it looks like something is going to happen with the Clearsil account. I recognize the back of Pete's father in laws head. That may be the first sign, I've crossed into a bad place with my Mad Men addiction.


Ngewo said...

I was wondering the same thing about the 1963 event alluded to by Allison...

I would have to say that the comedian was probably supposed to be Lenny Bruce. If I remember correctly, Carlin was getting his career started in California in the early 60s and the form we came to know and love did not emerge until the 70s (I read once that it was because of Bruce that he decided to be more of himself onstage...)

Elise Crane Derby said...

Thanks Ngewo.
Lenny Bruce seems likely, although they didn't look alike. I know I've heard that bit before. It driving me crazy and Google isn't turning up anything.

Anonymous said...

I am almost positive that the "self-abuse.." line can be attributed to George Carlin. I've heard that routine before (I was born in 1962), so if I can remember it, it was probably on one of Carlin's albums in the 70s.