Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Lieutenant of Inishmore at The Mark Taper

The Lieutenant of Inishmore opens tonight at The Mark Taper. I won't be seeing it for another week or so, but I've heard it is very dark, very bloody and very funny from several reliable sources. Based on that I'll recommend it.
The cast includes Ian Alda ( I looked, he's Alan Alda's nephew), Andrew Connolly, Coby Getzug, Seán G. Griffin, Kevin Kearns, Zoe Perry, Chris Pine and Brett Ryback. I saw Chris Pine Last Year in Farragut North at The Geffen and thought he was really good. So I've got that to go on too.
If you saw it in preview or catch it over the next week let us know your impressions.

I'll be taking my mother so I hope the funny makes up for the gruesomeness, for her sake.

Also the FTC would like me to tell you that the people at The Center Theatre Group have given me tickets to this show.

Update and Review:
Lieutenant of Inishmore is the story of an IRA splinter group member's incredible love for his cat. Yes, you read that right.
The story is hysterical, and ridiculous. I mentioned above that it is also very bloody, but that is an understatement. If you were thinking blood bath, think blood pool, Olympic size pool in fact.
I spent half the play just listening as the stage was too gruesome to look at. I would not recommend this play to anyone who gets sick at the sight of blood. Still it is very funny even just listening, and it's really only the last half that is off the charts bloody. So maybe just go, even if blood does make you sick, and stare at the floor for the last half.
I give it two severed thumbs up!

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