Monday, January 4, 2010

Mad Men Season 1

I've been rewatching Mad Men season 1 on On Demand, one episode at a time every Monday while I eat lunch. I'm up to episode 6, just shy of half way through the season. At first I thought I would be bored watching it all over again, but I'm not. I get new insight with each episode, I didn't get with the first viewing.
For example, I had no idea that it was Peggy not Don that first used the phrase "this never happened". She says it to Pete when he comes home from his honeymoon to assure him there will be no ramifications from their one night stand before the wedding.
Don and Rachel's attraction seems clearer at least from Don's point, after reseeing their scene on the roof of her department store. Rachel tells him about her fathers lack of attention and her mother dying in childbirth and I think our Don sees himself in her because of that.
It is also clearer why Betty does all that weird stuff with the neighbors son, who I think she identifies with. She says something about him in one of her therapy sessions about not being cared for properly by the person who is suppose to be. Which I think she feels about Don, I mean who wouldn't.
One strange thing in todays episode. They show Adam being born(Don's half brother)and uncle Mack is there. Adam is Don's father's son, so all I can surmise is that Mrs. Whitman wasted no time hooking up with "uncle" Mack once her husband died.
Joan says something odd in episode 6 too. She won't eat in the hotel room she and Roger are having their nooner in. She says food that close to a bed reminds her of a hospital??? What is that? I think we'll hear something about that in the future. Maybe she was ill or who knows. It was just random enough to catch my attention.
There are a million (ok that's and exaggeration) other little tidbits tucked into these shows.
So go back and watch them!
Here's an interesting little synopsis of Episode 6 of season 1. Enjoy

Only 8 more months till August

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Florinda said...

I received Season 1 on DVD fro Christmas. I can FINALLY start watching this show!