Monday, December 7, 2009

It Happened One Night on TCM

It Happened One Night is on TCM tonight at 5pm pt. If you have some how missed this movie. You really have got to see it. TCM has been showing an interview with Frank Capra talking about the making of the film, and it's amazing. No one wanted to do it. Apparently, Claudette Colbert only agreed when they doubled here rate and Clark Gable was forced into it as so sort of punishment. Fortunately they did it, because this movie truly deserves to be called classic, from using your leg to get a ride to hanging a sheet across a room. You'll love it, I guarentee!!

PS it's immediately followed by Mr Deed Goes To Town, Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur doing what they do best. It's great TV for a rainy night.

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Audra Crane said...

It also led to the demise of wife beaters (see sheet scene), at least as undershirts. That alone makes it worth watching in appreciation.
Great, great movie.