Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just got back from seeing The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was cussing fabulous, as they say in the film. I'm sure everyone's seen it already so I won't go into detail. What I do want to tell you about is a trailer I saw before Fox started. It's called Babies and it looks great. Sure to have us all reexamining our cultures parenting.

Here's the synopsis from the website:
A visually stunning and joyful new film that simultaneously chronicles the lives of four of the world’s newest human inhabitants - in Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco, and Tokyo, respectively -- from first breath to first steps, on a journey at once universal and amazingly original.

Just the trailer is an eye opening experience.
check it out.


Mommy Toolbox said...

I love that!!!

Diane Zwang said...

looks like it will be a great movie. Thanks for sharing.

Rea said...

I got all teary eyed just watching the trailer! I can't wait to see it.