Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Prisoner on AMC

AMC is premiering it's three night movie event The Prisoner Sunday night at 8. It's based on a English TV show from the 60's, that ran for only 17 episodes(check it out here). It stars Jim Caviezel(totally had to triple check my spelling on that one), whose adorable, and Ian McKellen, who is, of course brilliant. I actually, saw him be interviewed at the PBS press tour last winter and he (Sir Ian) is just lovely and funny and charming.
All I really know about the story is that Six (Jim Caviezel) is trapped in a place called The Village and Two (Ian McKellen) is in charge. I've attached the trailer, which looks very 60's bond film to me.
I'm definitely looking forward to this show it's intense and I'm sure will have all kinds of room for interpretation. I'll update Monday morning.

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