Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sullivan's travels

Sullivan's Travel is on TCM tonight at 5pm pt. I love this movie. If you haven't seen it, make sure to catch it. If you have seen it watch it again. I'll be tivoing and then making a huge bowl of popcorn to enjoy it after the kid goes to bed.
Here's a little bit of trivia the title for the George Clooney/ Coen Brothers movie "O Brother, Where For Art Thou" comes from this movie. Did I tell you how much I love George Cloonet today? Just checking.
Anyway, Joel McCrea ain't so bad himself and Veronica Lake is a real dish.Trust me you'll enjoy this movie!


Sarah Auerswald said...

What a great movie -- love it! If only I had the cable...

elise said...

Preston Sturges is a god. Love love love him. when I sat down to watch it tonight, My Man Godfrey was on TCM, so I watch that. I have to save Sullivan for tomorrow.
An embarrassment of cinematic riches, and all in black and white. Life is good!