Monday, October 12, 2009

Audrey Hepburn at LACMA

LACMA or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has a great Audrey Hepburn retrospective coming up!! Yeah, I love to see MY movies on the big screen. It starts October 23 and runs through Nov. 13. The tickets are just $10 and $7 for students.

Here's the whole list. They're double features, if you can imagine my glee. I've seen them all but War and Peace. Actually I've seen the beginning of War and Peace, but I didn't really like it so I never saw the whole thing. Love the rest of them though.

October 23 7:30 PM Roman Holiday
October 23 9:40 PM They All Laughed
October 24 7:30 PM Breakfast at Tiffany's
October 24 9:35 PM Two for the Road
October 30 7:30 PM Sabrina
October 30 9:35 PM Love in the Afternoon
November 6 7:30 PM Charade
November 6 7:30 PM Wait Until Dark
November 7 7:30 PM War and Peace
November 13 7:30 PM My Fair Lady

Here's the trailer for Charade, one of my particular favorites. I have a little thing for Walter Matthau (don't tell George Clooney) and he's in this too. It was also made in 1963, which is the year Mad Men is now in so you can do some cross checking on fashion and and parlance. Just go see it...


L.A. Story said...

Woo hoo! Love Audrey!

Sarah Auerswald said...

I love Audrey, too! Gotta tell ya, though: They All Laughed is one of the worst films ever made. Totally not Audrey's fault.