Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well, I spent the entire weekend at the hospital. My husband came home Friday night with a stomach ache, that continued to get worse and worse. By 9pm we realized we needed to go to the emergency room. Thank god for all my wonderful neighbors, I was able to quickly find someone to come watch our daughter and off we went.
We spent several hours in emergency taking tests and were sure it had just been a stomach flu when around midnight the doctor came and told us it was appendicitis. We were shocked. We thought for sure we would just get released. Since it was so late, and apparently not a serious case, they said we would get on the surgery schedule in the morning. Long story short he ended up going into surgery around 10pm the following night. We were annoyed, but decided it was probably wise to be nice to the people who are about to take a knife to you.
Amazingly, he came home the next morning (today) and seems fine, if a bit sore. They said it would be better today and probably worse tomorrow. We'll see.
Unfortunately because of all this, shall we say excitement, I missed the PBS press tour. I did get a friend to pick up my press kit, which I will get to ASAP. And let you know about all the great upcoming PBS shows.
Stay tuned.


L.A. Story said...

Hope your hubs is doing well!

Elise Crane Derby said...

Thanks, he's a little better every day.