Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dalton Trumbo on PBS

Wednesday, Sept 2 at 8pm on PBS on American Masters is Dalton Trumbo. It's really an interesting look at the man and his experiences during the red scare. It is adapted from his sons play that was based on Trumbo's letters of the time. Lots of great HUAC footage, and plenty of A list actors reading Daltons letters. I think it's important for our society to always remember the danger of "witch hunts", and this program makes it crystal clear. See if you can get your kids to watch it. I loved it, the letters to the telephone company are hysterical!!


Elise Crane Derby said...

Here's another clip of Nathan Lane reading a trumbo letter to his son.

I can't find the part about masterbation you just have to watch the show to see that part I guess. You'll be in tears! I wish I had that vocabulary.

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