Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Blogging Adolescence

I think I have entered my blogging adolescence. After not quite a year in the blogosphere I can feel the change. How, you might ask? Well, I didn’t get my period or any other punctuation, for that matter. It actually started at the book store the other day. There I was innocently browsing the aisles when I saw it, “Creating Web Pages for Dummies” oh yes it called to me like a marijuana cigarette at a freshmen dance. I know all the cool kids are building their own blogs.
I want to rebel! That’s right, Blogger can’t tell me what to do anymore. I’m going to learn HTML (did you know that stands for hyper text markup language, me neither) I’m going to make my own rules. No more asking blogger why and getting met with “Because I said so”. Blogger has said one too many times “When you build your own blog you can do as you like, but as long as you live in this blog you go by my rules “ well I’m calling their bluff.
My new blog won’t be as nice as the blog Blogger gives me. It will probably be furnished with folding lounge chairs, milk crates, and cinder blocks and have an empty fridge, except for the beer, of course. But it will be mine and I can do whatever I want there. Sure it’ll be hard taking care of myself but I’ll figure it out on my own terms.
I wonder if this will turn out like my last adolescence, where I realized somewhere in my late 20’s how good I had it to start with. But then couldn’t convince my mother to let me back in the house. Do you think Blogger will hold a grudge?? Or say I’m too old to come home?? Maybe blogger has a garage I could convert???

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