Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dirty Dancing Tickets

I got an email advertising 50% Dirty Dancing tickets at The Pantages. They wanted me to make clear that I was just posting this as a fan (they suggested devoted fan, but really I'm not that devoted, so I stopped at fan) and am in no way affiliated with The Pantages, BroadwayLA, Nederlander, Dirty Dancing or anyone else, don't tell my husband. I just thought if any of you were thinking of going you might want to take advantage of this deal.

So here it is

Hope some of you can use it. It is a really fun show. If you go, and want to make a night of it, have dinner at Cafe Wa s before or go for drinks after. Here's my post on it. It's just around the corner from The Pantages. I love it there, but I am also just a fan, and again not devoted or affilliated.

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