Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dirty Dancing at The Pantages

I had no idea there were trekie type fans of Dirty Dancing, but they were in force at the Dirty Dancing show at The Pantages here in Los Angles last night. When the Overture started the house went crazy. I don't think I've ever been at a show were the crowd started screaming, and this was before a single actor took the stage.
I did like the show. They added a whole piece about the civil rights movement, that I don't remember in the film. The cast was really impressive. Though the Johnny character seemed to be struggling with the accent, especially when he said the word hand. I think he is English. Still he was amazing in the dance sequences and shirtless often enough that you really didn't care how he said hand.
It might have been a wee bit long, but I was the only one who seem to notice. All in all a great show. If you go prepare yourself for the final scene when Johnny says the famous line "Nobody puts baby in the corner" The house loses their collective minds. Their on their feet and singing along.

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