Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chicken anyone?

I keep coming to post a new blog but all I can think about is politics, and I promised I would lay off. So here's a post about the economy, which is kind of politics, but I won't point any fingers.
Things are so crazy right now. My sister thinks the stock market is going to crash. I thought it was sort of OK, though I must admit I didn't put money in my IRA this year, on the off chance that it would all disappear. After yesterday and the forecast for AIG, I'm getting nervous. Is it actually possibly that we could relive the depression? If the banks fail where would our gov't in it's current financial state get the funds to back up the FDIC? And if we just start printing up money the dollar will be worth even less than it already is.

This morning I was considering the possibility of raising chickens and rabbits in the backyard (for food) if things really get out of hand. Though I have no idea how to get a live animal to a cooking state animal.

I'm imagining depression era living and wondering if Barack has a new deal up his sleeve or some WPA work, god knows we could use some new bridges in this country.

Anyway, see you all around shanty town.

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