Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Here's a response I gave on LA Mom blog to a political discussion that is getting a bit heated and mentions Kool-aid alot.

People get angry in my opinion because they can't fathom the others point of view. Maybe we all drank our own Kool-aid. My Kool-aid says if you vote republican you can't be for equal rights (Reps vote against equal pay, choice, childcare, family leave, and don't trot out that slavery thing, back then reps were more like dem's and vice versa)You can't be for saving the planet (chanting drill, denying global warming, fighting saving endangered species) you can't be for fixing the economy ( the rep are the ones that want to deregulate everything, which is what got us to this terrifing place we're in now) You can't be for education( while they cut funding, don't even get me started on No Child Left Behind)That's my Kool-aid and I'll admit I was fed it in a bottle, my mother drank and smoked it while I was in utero and I'm doing the same to my daughter.
I don't think anyone could ever change my mind. Though I do grow more conservative as I get older, which only means I no longer dangle from the leftest point.I'll vote Obama to save MY daughters right to choose, which she hopefully won't come to because she'll have sex ed at school while being showered in condoms. I'll vote Obama to reign in the corporate greed that is killing our economy. I'll vote Obama to give our school enough money to educate our children. Lastly I'll vote Obama so my daughter has some planet left to raise my grandchildren on.But drink what you like. There's no accounting for taste.

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