Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bowing to the princesses

Well, it's happened. I've been in a Mexican stand off with those Disney bitches for four years, and to my shame I must admit I flinched this past weekend. I thought I could hide it, but I can't stand the double life already. So here's the whole sordid story.

When my daughter was born I made a rule to all gift givers. The rule was "no Disney princesses" or other equally abhorrent anti-feminist propaganda, that means you Barbie. The rule has been followed with only a few uninformed errors, these gifts were quickly whisked away to the Guantanamo bay of the regift box. I even found a preschool where commercial characters are verboten.

I'll admit I cleared Belle myself. Who isn't technically a princess. I cleared her because she saves her father from the Beast and then due the the Helsinki syndrome or not (depending on who you believe) falls inlove with her hideous captor. Which of course turns him into a prince. Probably, not a great message either, you know what they say about trying to change a man.

But, there were still friends houses, and there I had no choice, she was exposed. At first there were no noticeable effects. But in the last six months I've noticed a subtle change. I tried to redirect her with fairies, which worked for awhile. But the damage was done.

Then I went on vacation and left my daughter with family where she saw "The Little Mermaid". Also, technically not a princess, but still a perfectly happy mermaid who gives up her independence and her voice to walk around with some guy. bad role model.

And then it happened, in the movie aisle at costco, a barbie DVD, it was a double whammie not only was it Barbie but she was dressed as a princess. I tried to redirect with the Aristocats DVD, but no sale. There my daughter sat in tears desperate for the princess Barbie DVD. I caved.

I like to think of it as running into the incoming onslaught like Butch and Sundance, or driving the convertible off the cliff like Thelma and Louise. My fate is sealed so I might as well embrace it.

In another year or so I'm sure my family would have spilled about my Barbie utopia as a child(the grandeur and elaborateness of which I will not go into).

So congratulations princesses and Barbie, I yield to your dominance.

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