Saturday, January 17, 2009

Save Yourself

OK, I usually don't enjoy Suze Orman, but I just caught a brief part of a show of hers and I gotta say this was brilliant. She was talking about how women put so much into their families and save nothing for themselves. I think we all know this but then she used an excellent example. This behavior is so pervasive, that when we get on planes they have to make sure to remind us, that in case of emergency to put our air mask on first. Because they know our first instinct would be to put the air mask on the kid first, and possible pass out before we get ours on. This is such a great image, because we know in that situation we need to save ourselves so we can protect our child.

We all have to remember to save ourselves every day so we can keep our families safe or at least healthy and happy. Like Oprah says put yourself back on your list ladies. Go get a pedicure, read a book, get some exercise. I just wanted to share that. I thought it was such a great image to keep in our heads. Oh and I'm sure Suze wants you to ask for a raise and save money or something. I turned the TV off after the airplane analogy, so I don't know any of the financial info.

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